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The global shortage of auto chips will ease in the second half of the year and will not have a significant impact on Toyota and Honda Fitch, an international rating agency, said in a statement on Wednesday (February 17) that even if the chip shortage continues into the second half of this year, Toyota and Honda have sufficient financial flexibility to withstand risks. Toyota said in its quarterly report last week that its chip inventory could last for four months and that i... NIDEC | 19/02/2021
O novo OLED de azul puro pode superar o desafio de desempenho insuficiente de luz azul da tela atual The current OLED display has a challenge in terms of blue light source. Although there are high-performance red and green organic light-emitting diodes, there is a lack of blue light sources with similar performance. Researchers at Kyushu University in Japan used a new molecular combination of emitters and demonstrated a new way to overcome t... | ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY | 19/02/2021
Os múltiplos cenários de aplicativos OLED transparentes da LG Display serão revelados no CES2021 The 2021 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES2021) will be held online from January 11th, US time. LG Display will showcase a variety of real-life scenarios using transparent OLEDs at the online exhibition. LG Display is currently the only company in the world that mass-produces transparent OLEDs. This exhibition will showcase a varie... | LG | 05/01/2021
No processo de desenvolvimento do campo de chips de 3 nm, os dois gigantes TSMC e Samsung encontraram problemas importantes According to recent reports, TSMC FinFET (process) and Samsung GAA (process) have encountered different but critical bottlenecks in the development of 3nm process technology. Therefore, TSMC and Samsung will have to postpone the development progress of 3nm process technology. According to TSMC’s plan, 3 nanometer technology will be certifi... | Samsung Electronics | 04/01/2021
O BOE fornece oficialmente telas OLED para a Apple: o primeiro lote será usado no iPhone 12/12 Pro Internet rumors that domestic panel supplier BOE will supply OLED screens to Apple iPhone have been around for a long time. Just last week, there were rumors in the industry that BOE's OLED screens had passed Apple certification. The domestic panel supplier BOE (BOE) has long been rumored to supply OLED screens to Apple’s iPhone. Ju... | #N/A | 30/12/2020
Falando sobre o princípio de controle e classificação de comutação de fonte de alimentação What is a switching power supply? What is a switching power supply use for? A switching power supply is a voltage conversion circuit. Its main work content is to increase and decrease pressure. It is widely used in modern electronic products. Because the switching transistor always works in "on" and "off" states, it is called a switching power s... | Adafruit | 20/01/2021
IDC anuncia os dados do mercado de armazenamento da China para o terceiro trimestre e o armazenamento Inspur All Flash ocupa o segundo lugar na China A few days ago, IDC announced the tracking report of China's enterprise storage market for the third quarter of 2020. Driven by the new infrastructure, companies continue to increase investment in IT infrastructure to improve online operating capabilities and business flexibility, and China's enterprise storage market has maintained stea... | SkyHigh Memory | 20/01/2021
Apple, Microsoft e outros gigantes desenvolveram seus próprios chips. Por que todos correm risco na frente dos chips? Recently, Apple, Microsoft and other giants have launched plans for independent research and development of chips. For example, Apple is focusing on developing 5G baseband chips, while Microsoft is designing Arm-based processor chips for its servers and future Surface devices. However, people living in China may not know that in markets other... | Qualcomm | 20/01/2021
Todo mundo está competindo pela beleza! LCD, LED, OLED, Micro LED, todas essas tecnologias de exibição podem alcançar transparência Transparent display technology "competes for beauty" Although transparent display has received more attention due to OLED, it is not only OLED that can achieve transparent display. LCD, LED, Micro LED, etc. can all achieve a certain degree of transparent display. At present, LCD and LED transparent display products have been widely used in th... | Displaytech | 22/12/2020
Tecnologias de tela transparente, como OLED e LED são importantes This year, Xiaomi launched a transparent OLED TV with a higher price, earning gimmicks and a high degree of attention, and also bringing transparent display into the public eye. Compared with TV screens, the industry generally believes that commercial scenes that pursue aesthetics, technology, space, and budget are more suitable for transparent ... | Displaytech | 21/12/2020
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