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What is an RF mixer and what types are there? In the radio frequency signal chain, the superheterodyne receiver is a method that uses locally generated oscillating waves to mix with the input signal and transform the frequency of the input signal into a predetermined frequency. The principle of superheterodyne was first proposed by E.H. Armstrong in 1918. This method is developed on the bas... 29/07/2021
Will current transformer-resistance affect metering? It does not affect the measurement. The reason is that the secondary coil of the current transformer is used to collect current, and the collected current is used for measurement and measurement. Generally, it is equivalent to a resistance loop. The resistance of the current coil of the meter is smaller than yours. Therefore, the parallel resist... elecfans | 29/07/2021
When designing an operational amplifier, capacitance will have the following effects When designing an operational amplifier, it is impossible to exclude input capacitance, and the printed circuit board of the operational amplifier contains more (Figure 1). Except for the feedback capacitor CF, all other capacitors are stray capacitances, which will affect the stability of the circuit. For example, if these capacitors are artifi... elecfans | 28/07/2021
The manufacturing principle of ceramic capacitors and the principle of howling Ceramic capacitors used in the electronic field are required to have the characteristics of small size, high withstand voltage and good frequency characteristics. With the advancement of materials, electrodes and manufacturing technology, the development of high-voltage ceramic capacitors has made considerable progress and has been widely use... elecfans | 28/07/2021
Protection of solid state relays (1) Overcurrent protection Solid state relays use semiconductor switching devices as power output components, and are more sensitive to temperature changes. Overcurrent will cause semiconductor chips to overheat and cause quality degradation, reduced lifespan and even permanent damage. Although solid state relays can withstand 10 times the ra... qianjia | 29/07/2021
The working principle of LDO and its application examples LDO stands for low dropout regulator, which is a low dropout linear regulator. This is relative to the traditional linear regulator. Traditional linear regulators, such as 78XX series chips, require the input voltage to be at least 2V~3V higher than the output voltage, otherwise it will not work properly. But in some cases, such conditions are o... baijiahao | 29/07/2021
Points to note when choosing a high-current D-SUB connector. 1. Current requirements. First of all, we must understand the current carrying current and voltage requirements of the high-current D-SUB connector contacts. The current carrying capacity of the connector is usually determined by the size of the wire and the contact. The rated voltage is determined by the contact spacing and insulating materi... 28/07/2021
The role of digital-to-analog converter The role of digital-to-analog converter With the rapid development of digital electronic technology, especially the development and popularization of computer technology, the application of digital circuits to process analog signals has become more and more extensive in many fields such as automatic control, communication, and detection. Most... elecfans | 29/07/2021
What are the 4 major characteristics of inductance coils? Inductance coils are also one of the commonly used components in household appliances, instruments and other electronic products, and are electronic components that use the principle of electromagnetic induction to work. Its electrical characteristics are opposite to that of capacitors, "passing low frequencies and blocking high frequencies". Hi... | 29/07/2021
Performance parameters of coaxial cable The most common electrical performance parameters of coaxial cable assemblies are listed below. Performance test of key coaxial components Coaxial cable assembly testing usually only requires a sophisticated 2-port vector network analyzer (VNA). The VNA can send and receive accurate signals in a wide frequency range from its ports, and mea... baijiahao | 28/07/2021
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