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Ruselectronics equipment will provide high-speed Internet on planes and trains Within the framework of the Army-2022 International Military-Technical Forum, Ruselectronics holding of the Rostec State Corporation for the first time presented a line of the latest satellite communication antenna systems for cars, trains, helicopters, aircraft and ships. Through domestic satellites in orbit, the equipment will allow transport ... 17/08/2022
Film Capacitors for EMI Suppression and EMC Filtering from TDK The most common type of load in AC circuits is a non-linear load, that is, a load in which current and voltage are interconnected by a non-linear law: electronic devices with switching power supplies; electric motors; drives rotation speed controllers and others. All these devices create distortions (due to additional - parasitic - harmonic comp... 18/08/2022
Amazon to buy smart vacuum cleaner maker iRobot Amazon, the largest online retailer, has announced the purchase of smart vacuum cleaner manufacturer iRobot for $61 per share. It's an all-cash deal that valued Roomba at $1.7 billion, according to CNBC. The deal will strengthen Amazon's presence in the consumer robotics market. In 2021, the retailer showed off its first home robot, A... 15/08/2022
TDK Snubber/Resonant Film Capacitors Power film capacitor During the operation of any pulse converter based on IGBT or MOSFET transistors, switching parasitic current and voltage pulses almost always occur. To protect the nodes of the circuit, and in particular the key transistors themselves, snubber circuits are used - which are designed to suppress inductive sur... 11/08/2022
The technology to protect land and sea gas turbine engines UEC-Saturn of the Rostec United Engine Corporation has developed a highly effective way to protect parts of land and sea gas turbine engines from negative influences - the technology of applying thermal barrier coatings. The new solution allows to increase the efficiency and service life of power plants. UEC-Saturn specialists have developed ... 10/08/2022
Russian scientists have developed a composite for solar cells with increased efficiency and resistance to cosmic radiation Researchers from St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (SPbGETU)  and Alferov University have obtained a multilayer nanosized material, which has increased the efficiency of solar cell energy conversion. The created material is resistant to aggressive environments, including space conditions. Silicon is today the main material... 09/08/2022
Tech Public TPMCP60 xx Operational Amplifiers TPMCP60 by TechPublic TechPublic Company Limited is a large Chinese company for the development and production of semiconductor components, founded in 2009. The company's development staff consists of specialists who have worked in well-known analog chip companies in the Silicon Valley of the United States and Mainland China. Th... 08/08/2022
Russia to launch first quantum satellite in 2023 Russia plans to launch its own quantum satellite in 2023. This was reported by russian media with reference to Igor Pavlov, Deputy Director of the NTI Competence Center for Quantum Communications at NUST MISiS. He said that a ground receiver was being created at the university, the work was carried out together with a partner, a company that dev... 05/08/2022
Ruselectronics launches a new generation of industrial gas analyzers on the market Ruselectronics holding of the Rostec State Corporation has developed a portable gas analyzer capable of measuring the concentration of up to six different gases simultaneously. The device is designed to control industrial and environmental safety, it can be used at housing and communal services, transport and in the aftermath of emergencies. ... 04/08/2022
The first spacecraft of the Sphere group will be launched in October Roskosmos today announced through its Telegram channel that the first apparatus of the Sphere multi-satellite constellation, the experimental Skif-D, will be launched into orbit from the Vostochny Cosmodrome at the end of October this year. Now the design of the satellite is ready and transferred to the assembly shop. At the end of September,... 03/08/2022
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