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Introduction to the characteristics and life of FPC connectors Features of FPC connector: 1. FPC connectors are characterized by high density, small size, light weight and so on. Features of FPC connector FH23 specification series: space-saving design. 2. FPC connector YF52 (6.3mm. 2.0mm110°) adopts front locking structure. FPC/FFC is most suitable for digital machines, and other uses are more ext... sohu | 22/06/2021
What is the role of thermal fuse in the circuit? Thermal fuse is also called thermal fuse, it is a new type of electrical overheating protection element. This kind of element is usually installed in an electric appliance that is easy to heat. Once the appliance fails and generates heat, when the temperature exceeds the abnormal temperature, the thermal fuse will automatically fuse to cut off t... baijiahao | 22/06/2021
Potentiometer introduction_potentiometer working principle The potentiometer is a resistance element with three lead-out ends and the resistance value can be adjusted according to a certain change rule. The potentiometer is usually composed of a resistor and a movable brush. When the brush moves along the resistor body, the resistance value or voltage that has a certain relationship with the displacemen... elecfans | 21/06/2021
In-depth exploration of the working principle and application of photoresistors One. Photoresistor Photoresistors are special resistors made of semiconductor materials such as vulcanized spacers or selenized spacers. The surface is also coated with moisture-proof resin, which has a photoconductive effect. Two. Features The photoresistor is very sensitive to light. The stronger the light, the lower the resistance. W... elecfans | 21/06/2021
What should be paid attention to when wiring the power filter Nowadays, the application of power filter is more and more extensive, what we can see is that its wide application has greatly promoted the new development of the filter industry. However, many people encountered problems when installing the power filter because they did not realize the importance of correct wiring. Today, I will introduce you t... | 22/06/2021
How to use an oscilloscope, and a detailed introduction to how to use the oscilloscope This article introduces how to use an oscilloscope. There are many types and models of oscilloscopes, and their functions are also different. 20MHz or 40MHz dual-trace oscilloscopes are more commonly used in digital circuit experiments. The usage of these oscilloscopes is similar. This section is not aimed at a certain model of oscilloscope, but... elecfans | 22/06/2021
The characteristics of varactor diodes How to distinguish the positive and negative poles of varactor diodes Varactor diode is a kind of semiconductor components, mainly used in circuit tuning, frequency modulation, phase modulation, for example, when our TV receives signals, the varactor diode can be used as a variable capacitor. One. Characteristics of varactor diodes 1. It is mainly a kind of semiconductor components made according to the vari... | 21/06/2021
Comparison of parameters between gas discharge tube and other surge suppression devices Comparison of parameters between gas discharge tube and other surge suppression devices 1) Arc chopping There are two electrodes shaped like horns, with a short distance between them. When the potential difference between the two electrodes reaches a certain level, the gap is pierced and sparked and discharged, thereby releasing the overcu... sohu | 22/06/2021
What are the reasons for the damage of film capacitors Under normal circumstances, the service life of film capacitors is definitely very long. As long as the selection is correct and the use is correct, it is definitely not an electronic component that is easily damaged on the circuit. However, due to various reasons, the film capacitors used in some circuits are often damaged. What are the reasons... baijiahao | 22/06/2021
NTC thermistor detection method Several important parameters of the thermistor must be tested when applying the thermistor. Generally speaking, the thermistor is highly sensitive to temperature, so it is not appropriate to use a multimeter to measure its resistance. This is because the working current of the multimeter is relatively large, and when it flows through the thermis... baijiahao | 21/06/2021
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